Blundar the Barbarian came to life because of a painting. The painting was titled, "Captain Neutron and the Left Handed Popcorn Trees of Beta Sigma Cereal." Captain Neutron went on to feature in my telephone answering machine messages for many years thereafter. Eventually I tired of the good captain and decided to put another character in my messages. Thus was born Blundar.

Captain Neutron is brilliant but with a serious character flaw (in addition to being a crook!) - he's terminally cheap. As a result, his best laid plans often go wrong because of this. Blundar is not the sharpest cookie in any package but he has a head you could bounce a B-52 off of with only minor discomfort to Blundar so he tends to create havoc wherever he goes yet somehow manages to blunder out of without too much damage to himself.

The two are a match made in heaven. (A)

Blundar and the good captain started to take on a life of their own when, over the internet, I met a wonderful and really talented cartoonist who goes by the handle, "Millan". In the persona of Blundar I started writing to Millan detailing a latest adventure. The attached stories are the result of those communications. Incredibly, Millan responded back with her own stories of Blundar and the captain and she did them as full page cartoons no less! As a result the mental image I had of Blundar as a kind of northen European Viking type has been completely obliterated by Millan's take on Blundar as a club wielding caveman.

The stories are attached pdf files so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. The app is freeware so follow the link if you don't have it.

Blundar 1

Blundar 2

Blundar 3

Blundar 4

Blundar 5

Blundar 6

Blundar 7

Blundar 8

Blundar 9

Blundar 10

Blundar 11

Blundar 12

 January 11, 2002

Sigh... Captain Neutron has fallen on hard times of late. Unfortunately the good captain's idea of income creation involves larceny, fraud, theft and various other illegal activities best not mentioned here. Small wonder he's a lifetime member of the Republican Party. As the Cosmic Rangers are currently on leave in the "Beer and Bimbo Nebula" for a little "R & R", Captain Neutron has come up with a snake oil scheme involving my favourite Neanderthal.