Here are links to the comic strips I follow via the web. You know, it's hilarious, the one thing that newspapers have that is unique, is the comics. In this day and age of media glut and overlap most newspapers treat the comics not as a valuable ad generating resource, but as a necessary, cash gobbling evil. If that's not the case, you'd never know it by the way most newspapers display the comics. They don't have their own section, they're never in the same place, and they're printed so small Superman needs a magnifying glass to read them comfortably. The Sun, here in Calgary, even compresses the vertical axis on Doonesbury to make everything fit on one page. Mind you, in their defence, they do always have the comics in the same place. It's the inside back cover, right next to the escort service ads in the classifieds on the facing page.

Oh well. Here, in no particular order, are the comics that entertain me, on a regular basis. To paraphrase the line from those stupid PGA ads, "These cartoonists are good." Occasionally, a cartoonist will get it just right and I'll hurt myself laughing and rarer still a cartoonist will will do something so poignant it will make me cry. I live for those. There's a few cartoonists in the following list that have achieved that state for me.