Goodness, Gracious, and Great Gobs of Gooey Gravy! Here are links to friends, associates, places on the web I find interesting, and last but not least - especially to me - a link to me. I'm currently an unemployed bum and I'm seeking work so I'm linking my CV - anyone in the Calgary area needing a graphics designer and digital production person, especialy in the printing industry, give me a shout - my severance is going to run out eventually.


Bexx Systems Inc.
Computer programming par excellence.
Apple sales, SERVICE and TECH SUPPORT.

Scientific American

Mac info site.

Pete Millar
The guy who turned me into the sick twisted
creature that I am. Well, okay, that's not true but he did make me
discover that I liked to draw. I've gotta hold him accountable somehow.

Cari Buziak
Celtic themed artwork par excellance!

John Farr
John's a deranged artist living in the wilds of New Mexico - definitely a good place for artists to live I think. As well, the poor lad is an editor at Applelinks.

Speaking of deranged...

The Register
Bloody 'ell! It's smarmy, oh so superior Brits doing computer news.
Cheeky Buggers.

News for nerds. I think that says it all.