Postcards are neat things to get in the mail. If the card is unique, or funny, or handmade...WHOO-HOO! It is important, too, to put an interesting stamp, a commemorative for example, on the card when you send it on its way. My daughter, Ingrid, sent me one of my cards one time and SHE USED A POSTAGE METER!!! Well, she won't make that mistake again... and the scars have healed nicely. I mean, we're talking serious ART here. So, if you're into serious art, here's your chance to view some postal pieces. ENJOY... remember, people have bled for these.

Oct. 12 / 2001
I've added some new cards (40 - 47). However, before adding the new pages, I mailed the originals away to various people. As I have the questionable ability to instantly forget something this means I've forgotten the titles and dates of these new additions as well as who I mailed what to! Sheesh about a defective human being.

Dec. 12 / 01
More cards - this time I've managed to get the titles and dates! Card number 60 will take you to my Christmas card section. Thrills a minute here folks - don't crowd, don't crowd. Everyone will be served!

Feb.24 / 02
Added cards 61 - 68

Mar. 09 / 02
A mess of Mountains & Clouds for a worldwide mailart exchange! Number 69 will take you there.

Mar. 30 / 02
More Mountains & Clouds continuing the mailart extravaganza. As well, I've added postcards 70 - 73.