Adventures on a White Playground,
a line from a long time ago,
so easy for me,
and then found.

A thought from so long ago,
you'd think I'd remember,
it is,
after all,
something so apropo.

A blank piece of media,
it's such a wondrous thing,
full of promise.
Form and colour stand waiting.

The pencil marks,
another follows.
image comes,
form and colour
take the stage yet again.

As one who has been following the urging of the painting muse for many a year I find it amusing to still be fascinated and thrilled by the initial process, the blank slate. My long and short term memory is less than average. I forget what I've done almost immediately so I'm constantly re-discovering myself when I visit friends and family who have acquired my art over the years. Perhaps this is why the blank sheet of paper is so fascinating - part of me is always seeing it for the first time.

A fellow whose stuff I really like,
A fellow Phreak whose name's not Mike,
but is instead, Jay Aitch Farr
Writer, Musician and Photogra Farr.
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Check it out, you might like that!


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