The Kids' Calendar was an exercise to see if I could get a fund raiser for the Alberta Children's Hospital done entirely through donation. Design, production, and sales were all to be contributed. This was an incredible learning experience for me which ultimately did not come to a successful conclusion. Ironically, what killed it (and logically so) was the fact I couldn't get the paper donated. I could get it at cost but the paper was the greatest cash expense part of the donation on the part of the donator and it was simply an industry wide practice to not donate paper as it would put paper suppliers in the unenviable position of having to say no to people and so to be fair, they say no to everyone and offer the paper at cost. At the start I was told by someone who I went to for advice about the project that the consumables would be no problem so I got everything else together before I approached the paper companies. So my final hurdle which I didn't get over was the last thing in the project that needed to be done. If I'd known that at the start I wouldn't have begun the task because the point of the project was to get everything donated. It was an interesting journey and if I ever dig up $12,000 for the paper I may still get it done. The calendar would've had 5,000 copies printed and would've sold for ten bucks each through participating members of the Bowling Proprietors' Association of Alberta. If all the copies had sold it would have generated $25,000 for both the Children's Hospital and the Youth Bowling Council.

When I get the Epson printer, I intend to make calendars on an individual basis for folks who find the calendar interesting and who want to make a large contribution to one of my favourite charities. Large in this case would be a minimum of $200.00. You can offer more, it is going to charity after all. My own consumable cost would be close to $40.00 per calendar plus shipping so I don't consider my minimum donation as unreasonable. The attached PDF file shows the basic month layouts. The personal calendar will, of course, reflect the upcoming year. View it in "continuous - facing page mode. The monthly paintings are the numbers below. The calendar will be approximately 15" x 20". Stickers would be provided for the months to be covered - the calendar requires some participation on the part of the child that receives it.
Feedback is welcome. :)

 Kids' Calendar