Colour Study:
15" x 20"

"Found in possession of three Irish Sweep tickets, one George Phelps, alias 'Fat Chance', alias 'Lucky This Time', alias 'Need You Now'...

At the time of this cartoon, betting in Canada in the form of lotteries was illegal. The Irish Sweepstakes was a lottery run from Ireland. If your ticket was drawn, you won a little money and were paired with a horse in a horse race. If your horse won, you got a large amount of money. People who had tickets drawn and those whose horse won, had their names published in all the newspapers of the day. Norris' cartoon showed the potential of the law if the authorities wanted to make issue with you and the hypocristy and silliness of the lottery law to begin with.

October 22 / 1960
© The Vancouver Sun

I finished this one May 08 / 93. I hadn't, at that point, started putting down start dates as well as finished but I'm sure it took me awhile!