So,,, this is my soapbox. Philosophy usually requires clarity of thought, insightful vision, the ability to forcefully argue your position... all things that I don't do very well. Like my art, however, these deficiencies don't stop me from trying. :) As my first little rant from the pulpit, I'll give you this to ponder...

The complexity of everything and the incredible variety of life on our little planetary spaceship. The more we learn, the more we marvel at how everything fits togerther. From the cosmological large to the quantum small and in between at the macroscopic level, our little biosphere. It's hard to believe there isn't a master plan, some omnipotent power behind it all. Certainly religion says there is a master plan, that GOD is reponsible for the way everything is.

So I wonder, does GOD likes the complexity and the variety of everything? As religion credits GOD for the way things are, it would seem GOD does. Look at one simple example within our human species - language. We, as people have created hundreds of languages and thousands of dialects within those languages - to what purpose? I mean, they all work, why do we need all these languages? Is it just because GOD likes the diversity? Are we programmed to create them by GOD? If you feel the answer is yes then here's my thought for this first rant.

Why do we have so many religions? Is it because GOD likes diversity? Just a thought for all you good folk out there who believe your religion is the one true religion and everyone else is wrong and should be dispatched to Hell posthaste.

Just so you know, religiously speaking, I'm from Missouri.